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Caption Contest #3

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And the winner is in.  Purple and Gold takes the crown in Caption Contest #3.  Send me your address and a shirt will be mailed on Frday.  See below for the first 3 places.  New contest will start on Friday so get your creative juices flowing. 

Remember, the way it works is, I start with a caption that you have to beat. I can add more as the contest goes on.  You need to post comments on what you think the best/funniest caption should be and the winner gets a RollinSD T-Shirt.  Check the gear at the top of the page to see some of the sick shit we have.  Rumor has it, guys are getting laid like crazy wearing the shirts. Forward this to all your friends to see if they can win some gear. 

The Winner is Purple and Gold with 

Cathy just saw a commercial on this new teeth whiter that comes in a spray. She decided to try it on her beavers

2nd place is Flavio with 

Snooki’s spray tan in a can, “keeping your vajayjay grenade free since 2010″

3rd place is Wutan with 

‘Now hand me that lighter and I’ll show you what a real fire crotch looks like’

John is a badass motha fucka

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