Broncos Shit Themselves In The Draft

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There are so many mind numbing, crazy calls in the first round of the draft today that I’m not even sure who to destroy first, so let’s go with my favorite, the Denver Broncos.

It amazes me that a team could actually out do the Raiders for dumbest first round picks. What is going through the thought process of the people in the mile high city? First off trading down for more picks was a great move, what they then did with these picks is absolutely stupid. First off let’s take a receiver who played all of his snaps in essentially a Wing T last year, and who compares us to the franchise receiver who we just traded. If that’s the case then why the fuck would you trade the franchise guy who is already proven? Next they pick an H-Back with pick #25 and do not even try to convince me that “With all my Heart” Tebow will be a regular down QB. If you do you’re either a huge Broncos fan or on some serious drugs that you need to share with the rest of us. Both picks were confusing especially when they could have selected Dez Bryant instead of Thomas and anybody breathing ahead of Tebow.

How about this move though, we will give you the 28th pick, the 40th pick, the 126th pick and an interior defender for Ryan Mathews, a 4th round pick and a 6th rounder? So, essentially the Dolphins raped A.J. Smith without lube and a kiss goodbye.  Do we even need to go into this? Ryan Mathews would have been a terrific pick at 28, semi decent at 20, but at 12 it’s downright retarded. First off do any of you even know who Ryan Mathews is? Now if you did were you sitting there saying, well if I had an NFL team I would definitely trade up 16 spots to take this proven collegiate running back that tore up the WAC. A.J. next time at least ask for lube.

Next stop Jacksonville, you know what, no I can’t even make fun of them. It’s Jacksonville who gives a shit.

Simply put there were a bunch of teams that panicked and fucked up, but one team improved their team right now. They will be better next year right away and it is the Detroit Lions, two outstanding round one picks (Suh and Best) who will immediately have an impact. I guarantee that next year Detroit will have 4 wins. -TheTruth@RollinSD.com

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