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Chargers the off-season is now on and we can put the 2010 Chargers season in the fuel tank. Like all Chargers seasons of the past, 2010 will be remembered as one that taught us the lessons we needed to learn. The special teams was obviously our Achilles’s Heel. Going into 2011 we now have two new coaches at the helm of special teams and defense. Hopefully they can bring this team some swagger and an ability to learn from mistakes on a week to week basis.

As for the players going into 2011, the Chargers need to rebuild and fortify the the mindset of a no-nonsense-win-at-all-costs football franchise. The Chargers general manager AJ Smith needs to bring in game changers who exude swagger and confidence. We need to pick up the type of players that mentally dominates the game on defense. The kind of players that require special attention from an offense. A force that is determined and will not be denied.

Smith needs to look at players like Troy Polomalu, Ray Lewis, Patrick Willis, Clay Matthews, Richard Seymour, Mike Singletary, and Shawne Merriman in his prime. He needs to find out what separates these elite players from the rest of the players in the NFL. These players are now or were prime time all the time and never took no for an answer. They have the killer instinct and are always looking forward.

Lets breakdown Merriman before steroids made him physically break down. He was more than just his body and quickness. Merriman brought swagger to the defense. When he was in his prime the Chargers defense played mean and they were downright ruthless. With Merriman as the focal point, the Chargers defense was entertaining and struck fear into the rest of the league. Merriman was at the forefront, he spoke as the voice of the defense and he talked a lot. I usually agree that talk is cheap but Merriman pumped this team up and got us to 14-2 in 2006. When you talk a lot you set high expectations and that is the key. The current Chargers defense had high expectations in 2010 but they weren’t being constantly reminded about those expectations by a vocal player who was willing to step up as the team’s front man. The Chargers need a relentless leader on defense. Some say that player is Stephen Cooper other says its Shaun Phillips or Quentin Jammer but how do they compare to the Raven’s Ray Lewis.

Talk is cheap and Antonio Cromartie this year on the Jets is perfect proof. It’s not the talk that matters it’s the backing it up that makes the difference. Backing up the talk proves to the rest of the team that you guys are indeed the real deal. The entire team begins to pick up their play to a higher caliber. It just takes one player on a defense inspiring others to realize their true potential as a unit. The Chargers defense needs to play above their potential, who will take them there?

The player Smith should try to draft needs to not only be physically imposing but mentally imposing. He just has to downright want it more and fight harder than everyone at the combine. Smith needs to realize its takes mentally tough players to inspire a team to do better. A mentally tough defense is determined, durable, and effective. Players like Cromartie who are physically gifted and never really overcame a lot of adversity tend to be a cancer to locker rooms. Cromartie-type players end up coming off as apathetic and create negative controversies for teams because they don’t fully commit. Clay Matthews-type players put their hearts, minds, and bodies on the line for the time within the hash marks and between whistles.

As the draft approaches Smith should study entire games and look for recruits that dominate sixty minutes of a game and set the tone that determines the game’s outcome. Great defensive players have a dominating presence on the field and off the field they are leading the team by creating momentum for the next opportunity to destroy an offense. A suitable draftee must be an emotional leader, a menace to offenses and is determined to give the opposing quarterback nightmares.  ~Tony Fanatano You have something you want me to comment on please send me an email to Tony@RollinSD.com

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