Bret Michaels Still in ICU

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Bret Michaels still in ICU; celeb pals send best wishes

Bret Michaels in January. (AP)

The Washington Post

Bret Michaels remains in intensive care under 24-hour surveillance at an undisclosed hospital according to a new update from the Poison frontman and “Celebrity Apprentice” star’s official Web site.

Michaels was rushed to the hospital last Thursday after suffering from a headache that he reportedly likened to being “hit in the head with a baseball bat over and over again.” Doctors diagnosed a subarachnoid hemorrhage (see below). By Friday, Michaels was apparently alert enough to talk to his father by phone. Wally Sychak told Radar Online that his son was, “upbeat and positive but [doctors] had him sedated.”

Over the weekend, several “Celebrity Apprentice” contestants tweeted their well wishes to Michaels. Donald Trump today told TMZ.com he’s in touch with the hospital where Michaels is being treated and speculates that Michaels’s 2009 Tony Awards mishap — when the rocker was struck by a piece of scenery — may have something to do with his current condition.


Ok I am dating myself here, but Bret Michaels kicked ass when I was in college. Poison was one of the biggest bands that could tour and they packed stadiums and arena’s like the Stones did back in the 70’s.  Bret was one of the best front men in the game.  From his looks, to his voice and just the way he took control of the audience.   His legacy as a singer may be tainted now because of the VH-1 series, Rock of Love 1 and 2, but it should not take away from who this guy was and what he did in his prime.  All our prayers go out to you Bret.   TMTMTL@RollinSD.com 

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