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Boob Tubin- Archer of FX

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If you’re not watching “Archer” of FX, you’re missing out

Boob Tubin:  RollinSD highly recommends the second season of “Archer” currently airing at 10PM on FX.

Our new favorite wise ass takes over Thursday night Must See TV, and gives us yet another new adult-oriented cartoon to savor.  “Archer”, a completely self-absorbed, sexist wise ass has its laugh out loud moments, but has me smiling throughout the 3o minutes of the program.  You’ve gotta love this guy.  He’s like the friend you love to bring to parties that all your buddy’s wives hate – but you can’t help but to invite him along, because he keeps the boys laughing and is constantly the life of the party.  He makes fun of everything and everybody, crosses the line without remorse, calls out the little pink elephant in every room, doesn’t care if he offends, laughs at his own jokes – but always gets away with it – simply because it is genuinely good comedy.

The attached clip is a perfect excerpt from the show.  He finds something that makes him laugh, and keeps plugging it until his hot coworker loses her mind.  We all know a guy like that.  But have to give credit to this show – it is not a regurgitation of Family Guy or the Simpsons or South Park.  Neither is it a cartoon version of Al Bundy.  It’s fresh.  Still a comedic male lead but the laughs don’t come from the same places Peter Griffin or Homer get theirs.  He’s more clever than those cartoon dads, less aloof or moronic, but his pompousness plays well and leaves you wanting to watch the show with a few beers and your friends over.  Chris Parnell formerly of SNL and Aisha Tyler formerly from E!’s talk soup lend voice over talent, and effectively compliment the talented writing and actor delivery of this inspired and unique Thursday night comedy.  Highly recommended and “Rollin” approved.

–          Critical Kemp

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