Blake Griffin: The Man, The Myth, The…Clipper?

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Has anyone been paying attention to the NBA yet?  No?  Me neither.

If the BCS makes NCAA football the best regular season in sports, the length of the NBA playoffs makes the NBA regular season by far the worst.  The NBA regular season has quickly become 82 glorified exhibition games where Derrick Rose can learn English in his post game interviews, LeBron can lower his Q rating with every tweet he makes, and Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson can reminisce about their forgettable glory days with the Knicks while trying to analyze a Raptors vs. Pacers game.

Still not watching?  I’m still not either.

But, let me give you one reason to start watching: Blake Griffin.  Yes, Blake Griffin on the Los Angeles Clip Show.  The guy is a beast, a YouTube sensation, and owns space on the ESPN Top 10.  I’d break down his game for you, but there’s really nothing to break down (and I’m not career benchwarmer Tim Legler, so I’m not qualified to).  Griffin’s bigger, faster, and stronger than anyone on the court – and then he dunks on you.  It’s refreshing to watch the best player on the court play that hard, all the time.  He is the single reason the 837 soap stars, American Idol flameouts, and UCLA film students fill the Staples Arena when the LA JV team takes the court.

The best part about Blake Griffin?  His team isn’t making the playoffs, so he has no reason to pace the regular season marathon and will flat out bring it every night.  He’s made at least one phony San Diego Lakers fan remember which team (no, not the Globetrotters either) used to shoot around at the Sports Arena.

Anyways, for those of you have been busy watching Peter and Stewie Griffin, instead of Blake Griffin, just check out the video below.  After watching it, you can consider yourself all caught up on everything important that’s happened in the NBA season. ~ADLP


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