Beyonce At The 2011 Billboard Awards

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I am not a big award show guy and didn’t even see the Billboard Awards night. I was listening to Scott and BR on XX1090 this morning and Scott was talking about how amazing this performance was.  So naturally I had to tune in to see what he was talking about. I will give him props and he was right on. This is one of thebest performances I have ever seen any put on. I am not sure about her dancing though. What up with the 15 fast shrugs or the legs opens.  I personally think she is a crappy dancer but that is coming from pasty white 44 yr old.. I would rather see Shakira dance than Beyonce anyday . It would also be nice if she actually sang the songs and not lip synced them.   Props to who ever choreographed this and helped put this together. It was an amazing compilation of dancing, computer animation and song.  For those who don’t listen to Scott and BR in the mornings you need to start. Not only to they give you a fresh take on sports but also talk about other things in the entertainment world.  List here daily from 6 AM to 10 AM  Scott and BR    TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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