Beware Of The Montezuma Monster

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The SDSU Aztecs Men’s Basketball team is on a roll, so I thought it was about time to mention them on RollinSD.  They are now 19-0 and have best record the program has ever had, at this point in the season. Coach Steve Fisher has assembled a program that has real staying power, but that will ultimately depend on how his boys do in March. This is the closest San Diego has come to turning into a basketball town since the Clippers left. Fisher gets his team in a mindset that earns them wins. When the Aztecs come to play they come to win. He has proved to be an excellent recruiter. This team and its performance thus far is proof.

Kawhi Leonard is a beast, and the sophomore is the team’s focal point. On offense he can shoot the three, fight for rebounds, and slam it down with authority. Leonard’s position is undefinable. When the pressure is on, he will dribble the ball the length of the court, weave through defenders than dish off an assist. On defense his big hands are the story. Leonard will rip away almost every rebound and manhandle his adversaries. When he is on the hardwood, his opponents passing lanes are narrow and loose balls are his prerogative. His overall demeanor is mellow, confident, and as we like in San Diego classy.

DJ Gay is the senior point guard who has a tendency to get hot. When he is on, he is burning the net with swish after swish from beyond the arc. In his most recent game versus New Mexico, he hit a half time buzzer beater from half court. He is an experienced leader who is not afraid to put the game on his shoulders and pull out the win for San Diego.

Senior leader Billy White is all heart. He has the basketball skills to impress but his determination and desire is what may carry the Aztecs far into March. He is swift, versatile and a serious threat from anywhere on the court. He is one of the contributors that has set a winning tone for the Men’s Basketball program.

James Rahon the Sophomore transfer is ice and truly knows how to sink the dagger into his opponent’s hopes for a win. With a 44.6 three point percentage, Rahon is money in the clutch. His three-point prowess is a key component in the Aztec’s so far undefeated season.

Senior Forward Malcolm Thomas, is the pride of San Diego and a corner stone in the Aztec’s ferocious defense. He is one best preforming basketball players to come out of America’s finest city in a long time. While sporting a San Diego skyline tattoo on his arm, he has muscled his way to an average of about two blocks per game. The man has swagger and it has begun to rub off on his teammates. The confidence that comes with that swagger is exactly what the city of San Diego needs right now.

The Montezuma Monster has grown into fruition and is terrorizing not only the Mountain West Conference but the nation.

With the way they are playing, the nationally ranked No.6 SDSU Aztecs could beat on of the elite college basketball program. Their nineteen-game streak is the longest active winning streak in the NCAA and best in Aztec’s history.

On Wednesday January 19th the team will host Air Force at the Viejas Arena where the Aztec’s off-the-wall student section “The Show” will hopefully cheer on San Diego to its twentieth win. Strap in San Diego, Aztecs Basketball’s Montezuma Monster is about to take you on the hard-wood ride of your life.  -Tony Fantano

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