Best Door To Door Sales Person Ever

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I would put this guy up against anyone. He is quick with his words and keeps pulling one liner after one liner out of his ass.  The best part is all the one liners are legit and make sense to what he is talking about. I am guessing this was not his first sales call and I kept waiting for an 800 number to pop up on the screen to order a bottle. If it did I would have for sure ordered a bottle or 5.  I need this kid to help me sell ad space on this site.   Honestly how could you say no to him? I would have bought a few bottles and then invited him in so he could just keep talking and keep entertaining me.  Screw sending my staff to Anthony Robins or any of the other sales training seminars. I am just going to have this kid come over.  He could put on the best sales training seminar ever.Enjoy this video and please email me if you would have said no to him.  TMTMTML@RollinSD.com

John is a badass motha fucka

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