Best Clock Ever

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As kids and especially as adults, we find ourselves watching clocks.  Remember waiting for the bell to go to recess or lunch in grade school?  Now, we wait for the clock to hit 5 pm so we can leave work and go home.  How about looking at your watch in church saying I have only been her 7 minutes and I have another 53 to go?  Watching a clock sucks and normally puts you in a bad mood. This clock is entertaining and somewhat educational.  Look at the ID theft cancer and chlamydia climb.   (what the hell is chlamydia anyways).  These numbers are amazing.  How about the animal slaughter?   Where are all these cows?  Are this many being born to replace them?  Keep this link and check it from time to time like you would check your watch in church.  WORLD CLOCK

See? we can actually provide educational information on this site from time to time.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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