Batman Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex

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I have followed College Humor for many years.  This is an old skit, Batman Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex, but this could be one of their best ever.  We at RollinSD hope to start creating our own skits soon and are looking for people who would like to help.  If you have ideas and want to get involved please email me John@RollinSD.com

Here are my favorite lines.  post in comments your favorites.

1  We totally had sex, hard core, 3 times.  if that was a cruel ploy sign me up for another.

2  How was that by the way.  I hadn’t showered that day and I fight crime in a rubber suit.  Really seals in the flavor.

3  My father  only saw a monster who could not be tamed.  You tamed my monster, with your mouth and two other places in an order that would surprise you.


John is a badass motha fucka

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