Bandwagoners, Hang On Tight

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The Mormons got the best of the Aztecs last night. The top two teams in the Mountain West conference hit the hardwood in Provo, UT and San Diego put up a fight but ultimately, lost. The Aztecs have finally lost a game; their shots were just not falling. The most telling stat is that they were three out of twenty six from beyond the arc. The Aztecs had an off night but the most off-putting element of their loss to BYU was,  that they lost in the clutch.
The season is not over and San Diego has their next game on Saturday. Now we will learn how these Aztecs can bounce back.
Steve Fisher and his 20-1 Aztecs need to pick up the pieces.  He is now challenging his team to start a nineteen game winning streak. Winning the next nineteen would position SDSU as the national champions.
Last Wednesday, the Aztecs showed that they were beatable, when they played the Air Force. BYU followed the Air Force’s example and  beat the Aztecs with a calculated attack and with what I almost forgot –  the forty three points from Jimmer Ferdette.
The No. 4 SDSU vs the No. 9 BYU had prime time written all over it. These are the kind of games where true ballers come out and put on a good show. When you watch this game you ask yourself, “when are the Aztecs going to cock back and fire a counter punch that matches Ferdette.” The San Diego fans were left waiting as BYU took over the game. Senior point guard DJ Gay, needs to look back at this game as a lesson learning experience. Gay needs to work harder on manufacturing baskets and work less on rushing to find an open shot.
The good news is that there is a tomorrow and that the saga that is the 2011 Aztecs Men’s Basketball team, will continue. We have a lot to look forward to, but if The Aztecs want to strengthen their position as primary recruiter of legitimate ball players, they need to win the clutch games. If I were a high school basketball player with different college basketball powerhouses sending me recruitment letters, why would I choose the Aztecs? This exact question is why the Aztecs need to win on prime time, when it really matters, and while the nation is watching. If BYU and the Aztecs keep winning, San Diego will have another chance to beat the Mormons on Feb 26th at Viejas Arena in San Diego. The Aztecs need to take care of business and the next one on the list is Wyoming this Saturday. Time to bounce back and show the pollsters that we still belong in the top ten of the nation. The Monster got scratched by the Cougars.  ~Tony Fantano

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