Ballast Point Brewing Company

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Ballast Point Brewing Company

10051 Old Grove Rd San Diego, CA 92131

(858) 695-2739

Tasting Room

Monday-Saturday, 11:00-9:00

Sunday, 11:00-6:00

We all have our favorite places to go and grab a beer, Ballast Point is that place for me. The beers are always cold, the service is outstanding (Hi, Amber and Alise), and you are bound to run into a friend or two while hanging out there.

Ballast Point Brewing Company in Scripps Ranch would be classified as a tasting room. The brewery does not have any place for you to sit down, but what it lacks in seating it makes up for in beer selection. On one of my trips there these were the beers on tap:

Always on Tap:

Wahoo Wheat

Ballast Point Pale Ale (Yellowtail)

Calico Amber Ale

Big Eye IPA

Black Marlin Porter

Limited Releases

Sculpin IPA

Reef Rye Brown Ale

Habanero Sculpin IPA

Calico Amber Ale on Nitro

Not a bad selection, but if you ever want to know what is on tap before you head over for a beer check out Ballast’s newest link, See What’s On TAP. This link will give you a picture of the Board and what you should expect to see when you go in.

Another good way to know what is going on with Ballast Point is to sign up for their weekly newsletter. In the newsletter you will be in on everything Ballast Point. Special weekly releases, beer and food truck events (usually on Fridays), and my favorite the annual anniversary party. No matter when you go and what type of beer you try you are bound to get something good.

If I were to pick from the list above I would have to say Sculpin and Reef Rye are in my list of 10 ten beers that you have to try. Sculpin is a multiple award winning IPA that has several different flavor profiles that come together very well.

The Reef Rye is a tough one to get at the tasting rooms and is usually only available at the anniversary parties. If you can find it grab some and give it a try. Reef Rye is a nicely drinkable brown ale that has a bit of rye grains to give it a unique flavor. Well worth the trip to the tasting room if you ever see it on the Board.

For those of you that may have noticed, Ballast Point has recently dropped the “Yellowtail” from their Pale Ale. The San Diego Beer Blog’s Jeff Hammett wrote in an article on April 13, 2011 that “Ballast Point had been forced to change the name of their popular beer by the Australian winery that produces the Yellow Tail wine.” Sounds like there is more to this story, but for now I’m going to keep drinking Ballast Point beers and I’m going to stay away from Yellow Tail wine.

Normally, this is where I would say stop by and see my friends Amber and Alise and grab a few beers. Not this time!!! This is my spot stay away!!!

Just kidding… Come on by Ballast Point and maybe you can catch me having a beer, I mean working…

I’m always looking for new beers to try to if you come upon something that you think I would like please send me an email at If you can recommend something that I have never tried before I will hook you up with one of our RollinSD Poker Chip Ball Markers or a RollinSD T-shirt.

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