Are you Fukc*&g Kidding Me?

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JP Morgan Chase was called out yesterday for overcharging and foreclosing on active duty servicemen and women, including those deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.  Not only is this sickening at the basic human level – it’s illegal!  The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act stipulates that a financial institution cannot charge exorbitant rates for active duty service men and women who purchased their home prior to joining the military.  You would think that small mom and pop shops, like the multi, multi billion dollar JP MORGAN CHASE would be aware of this.  What was(is) happening is that an individual gets deployed overseas, often into harms way to protect the interests of the country they voluntarily swore to protect.  While doing so, they possibly miss a payment, or are a bit late – The bank then raises the rate in excess of the guaranteed cap of 6% which increases the payment due, eventually making it unattainable for the payments to be made.  Then – because payments are behind or not made, the bank fucking forecloses!  These people have enough to worry about with the bullets and IEDs and suicide bombers trying to take them out.  Now they have to worry about their home not being there when they make it back?  Worse yet – their families being kicked out of their homes?

This is a crime against human decency and patriotism and somebody needs to answer for it.  The bank said they were sorry, but sorry isn’t going to get their homes back and it’s not going to put the illegal over charges back in the pockets of those that would screwed over.  The bank needs to make things right by refunding the money – with interest – as well as putting those who were foreclosed back into their homes…I’m sick about this and you should be too.  I encourage you to contact your state’s representation in Washington and encourage them to come down hard on JP Morgan and any other lender that participated in this cruel practice. Story and Video Here ~East Coast Pimp

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