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April Fools Prank

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Yeah, yeah – ‘You need to be the first to know’.  Well, I was working out this morning at 5:30 AM and the news was on.  They were showing April fools pranks and this one came up as one of the best.  I immediately thought to myself,  I had emailed this video to friends a few years back.  Sure enough, I find it in one of my folders from  Jan 9, 2009. That just goes to show you how long I have been thinking about getting this site up and running.  If I hadn’t been so lazy and had this up when it came out,  you would have been the first to know!  I still bet many of you have never seen this. I almost think it is set up, but will give it the thumbs up as genuine.  What is this chick thinking – ‘Is my boyfriend just standing there video taping me?’  If I sat there with a video and taped my wife combing her hair she would have thrown the brush at me and thought I was all creepy.   Whats up with the noise this guy makes when she shoots the powder in her face??  I am still trying to figure out if he was jerking off, just came and is making some funny noise…..or just laughing.   Either way enjoy,  I hope you all played a few pranks on friends.   Send me your favorite pranks   TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

The only thing I did was change the keys on my sons keyboard and it was fun to watch him pecking away at the key board and the monitor not showing the same letters as he was typing.  I am getting soft with my old age.

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