Another Solid Soccer Video

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Yesterday I wrote about soccer and not being able to watch it.  It made me think a bit about the sport and I thought maybe I should give it more of a chance.   I do coach my son and that is bearable because he is on the team , but I really don’t find the sport that interesting.  So I set out to find another video that may change my mind.  After looking for a few hours, I was able to find this video which I thought was definitely watchable.  How about when the ball gets headed into the net and the goalie just stood there, nice effort.   I kept thinking now I would watch soccer if it was played like this.  I would definitely be more interested in watching games and even paying to go to practices.  Again, this just goes to show men have a one track mind and I still don’t know why they can’t play good commercials on US TV. Anyone have another good soccer video?

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