Another in Rollin’s Real or Fake Collection

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I have always said the internet is amazing, but even more amazing is the video editing that is going on.  Soon you will not know what is real or what is fake.  If they want to frame you for robbing a store they just create a video of you doing it even though you were sitting at home taking a dump when the crime took place. Or maybe the crime never even took place, but they still have a video of you doing it so you get busted and the bank never lost a cent.  What a great scam.  When this takes place in the future I want credit for the idea.  I am saying this one is definitely fake, but I keep watching it over and over to be sure.  First off, the blade wouldn’t spark going through wood and the one guy is just a shitty actor.  One last thought. If some home made video can look this good and real why can’t the government just photo shop a birth certificate for our President saying he was born in the US?   Good question right?   TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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