Another Commercial We Need To See On TV

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I could post one of these commercials weekly and say the same shit.  Amazing commercial, why don’t they put them on TV? I still have not received any feedback as to why they do not put commercials like this on TV?  They don’t want to offend people in the bible belt?  It is a condom commercial.  These are the same people who are saying don’t have sex until you are married and then when married don’t use protection……….. So, guess what? They are not buying the condoms anyway, so don’t worry about alienating them.  Let the rest of us warm blooded men and women enjoy the commercials and have some fun. I am sick of everyone being so politically correct these days. When did the US become so pussified (I know it isn’t a word, but you know what I am saying.) Maybe Websters should add this to their dictionary or, are they too PC to add it?  Just give RollinSD some credit when you do add it.  This video will go out via the internet to millions of people and it won’t cost the company any advertising dollars. Please help them out and post this on your Facebook wall and email this link to all your friends and ask them to spread the word.  Fuck being politically correct.  Who hasn’t had a fantasy of something similar to this happening?

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