Meet Angelika Roncow, RollinSD’s November Hottie

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pix 2I must apologize to Angelika for not getting this post up sooner.  She has been a true sport about me not getting this up and I want to say “Thanks for the patience gir”.  I have been to a few yoga classes over the past few years and there is no way in hell any of the instructors looked like this.   There may have been a few hotties in the class who looked like this and I made sure I put my mat right behind theirs.    So I really want to start something for the new year and think I am going to go with Yoga.  I talked to Angelika for a bit about what she does and you can bet your sweet little asses I will be at her classes starting in early 2016.   Who is going to join me?  To find out more on Angelika’s classes please check out her

Where are you from and how long have you been in San Diego?  I love your accent.  Originally from a very small town in Russia. I have lived most of my life in San Diego going on 19 years now.   What brought you to San Diego and did you move right to SD from Russia? My family moved to San Diego from Russia as refugee’s in 1997.  I am glad they chose San Diego. 🙂 

pix 10Tell me about your work and what you are passionate about.  I have been modeling and dancing on and off since age 15; I have done everything from promotional to print modeling and ballet to hip pop dancing. Today I am a fit mom motivator, entertainer at Pure Platinum. Licensed Esthetician and certified yoga instructor with a strong emphasis on the holistic nutrition. In the future I hope to open my own detox studio of some sort and offer a variety of services from yoga to skin care. Currently back in college working on my degree in Natural Medicine and hoping to go as far as a PHD one day.  Doctor Ang does sound kind of sexy. Lol

pix 1Pure platinum is San Diego’s premier gentlemen’s club. They definitely employ some of San Diego’s hottest entertainers. On a personal level as a dancer having been in the industry for years, it is definitely my favorite club to work at. The girls, house crew, DJ’s and management have become my crazy dysfunctional family and my home away from home. They know what music to play and what I enjoy dancing to, which varies from Britney Spears to dub step tracks similar to my workout jams. Having bottle service brings everyone more cash, but makes it so that we have to put up with a lot more which requires pretty good customer service skills. Quality over quantity is how I view things. SD is a small industry and Platinum is definitely at the top, with clientele and service. Be sure to come in and see me soon. and stop by on Dec 9th for our Holiday Party.     XoXo -Ang aka Lana


How can we find out more about your outside yoga classes?  How is outdoor yoga different from inside yoga? The class information is available on my website in the Yoga Sessions section.  I will be planning something new early Spring of next year. Outdoor classes are very similar to indoor classes, it’s just a difference in environment, more choices for locations etc., As opposed to a  gym studio, you are outside breathing in the fresh air and enjoying our  amazing San Diego weather. We are truely geographically blessed. I hope to start teaching at a gym in the near future as well.

12096090_10153073076816746_4482760208913880861_n (2)As a potential student what are some good poses to help strengthen my back? Plank, downward facing dog, and the entire sun salutation sequence is great for strengthening your entire body. The main focus of a lot of yoga postures is the spinal cord and the back in general. Having lived with posture and back problems my entire life, I could not recommend a better exercise system for those with any types of back problems other than Yoga. Where do they come up with these names?  The downward facing dog? I assume going to classes is the first step to help my back out.  Would I start going 2 or 3 times a week and then keep stretching and doing Yoga at my home?  The “asana” or posture names go far back in history of Hinduism and India, which is where yoga originated from. The original names are in the sanskrit language, however a lot of the time instructors today prefer using English terminology.

pix 7 What is your favorite yoga pose?  I’d have to say the cat/cow sequence (ok here we go with the funny names again) is a fave, because cats have always been a favorite animal of mine. And it’s a great way to warm up the spine and heat the core. I also love the dancers pose, because when performed with correct alignment it is beautiful.  Ok, where can I see what all the poses are? Is there a site?  I can’t be doing all these funny poses in public and falling all over the place where people can see me.  Can you create a RollinSD hottie pose to help strengthen the pelvic area J ?   Hell yes you can. I have a few ideas about this site and think we can start with a few simple videos to get the readers more familiar with Yoga and you.  Look me up on Youtube under AngYoga I have several Of me teaching now. For some reason I would be nervous typing the Cat/Cow sequence into google.  Would be afraid of what video may show up.. 🙂

pix 9I have never been able to do a headstand like you can, will I ever be able to?With motivation and determinatoin anything can be accomplished.  Building stregth and flexibility takes time. If you put in the hard work, the results can have infinite possibilities.  So you think you can have me whipped into shape in a few weeks?  You should hit the gym with me sometime, I have been lifting heavier weights and adding lots more protein to my diet lately. I may not be a personal trainer, but I can definitely show you a thing or two with proper technique. 

What would you say to those who look at yoga as a religion?  For many yoga starts out as an exercise routine. Once you have gone through an in depth training to get certified  It can become spiritual. There have been many who believe practicing yoga leads to a better relationship in the bedroom, but to me it is more of a way of life. A daily practice devoted to raising consciousness and enabling personal and social transformation of your body, mind and spirit. Even when I’m performing a headstand in full lotus at the club haha.

402829_10150993103516746_1169990405_nHow would you describe yourself? Strong, ambitious and confident, single mother with a passion for helping others to balance out their body, mind and spirit. Also, outgoing, friendly, motivated to reach my goals and positive for the most part.

What lead you to your interest in yoga/esthetics?  Throughout my life I’ve struggled with circumstances which caused huge anxiety and helped to lead me on this path of holistic health and balancing out my own body mind and spirit first and for most. If you are interested in my story, please check out my website AngYoga

Favorite food and why? I absoluteley love seafood. Sushi has always been a favorite. Not only is it healthy but delicious!!

pix 5What catches your eye in a guy first? I would have to say his height. I love tall guys and being able to wear 6 inch pumps and still be shorter than him. Also gives you a feeling of being your mans little girl ;).

Where are you sexier, Friday night in a black dress or Sunday morning in an over sized t shirt? I’d like to think that looking natural in a t-shirt in the morning is sexier but when it comes down to it, I’d prolly rock the little black dress on a friday night in a picture or two.

Do you have tan lines? Yes, that way I can prove how white I really am lol.

You have an amazing body so I just have to ask because I would love to be a fly on your shower wall.  When you get out of the shower do you just stand in front of the mirror and smile and say damn, I am blessed?  If not, what part of your body do you wish you could change? I believe that hard work pays off, and I can definitely say that right now I am in the best shape of my life. We all have insecurities, and I wasn’t so much blessed as had to maintain what genetics and my birth injury  handed me. I really hate my long toes though lol.

pix 8Do you have a special work out routine you follow to stay in this kind of shape? I attend LA fitness 3 to 4 days a week. My favorite workouts include yoga (of course) and pilates. I also love the eliptical for cardio  and recently hit into heavy weigh assisted squats. I’m also taking advanced Yoga at the college.

Where would a guy meet up with on your day off or night out? Most likely at the beach. I’m a Cali beach girl all the way!!

Have any tattoos/piercings you can’t see with clothes on? Just a belly ring and ears, I like to keep it simple.

Sports fan?  If so, what is your favorite team? Have been too busy to follow lately but I’m a San Diego Chargers and Padres kinda girl.  Really not much to watch with either of those teams right now.. San Diego Sports needs a facelift…

pix 4Tell me a joke… “Did you ever see the customers in a health-food store? They are pale, skinny people who look half dead. In a steak house you see robust, ruddy people. They’re dying of course but they look terrific.”  I tell myself that every day when I crack a bottle of Red Wine before eating steak for dinner.

Do you say yes mostly with your eyes, body language, or quiet “ooo”s and “ah”s? Eyes definitely eyes.  Silent yet meaningful communication. I can tell..You have been giving me that look all lunch long.

Would you prefer a Boy toy or a man who takes control? Definitely a man who takes  control.

Favorite motivational fitness quote: “Strive for progress not perfection”

John is a badass motha fucka

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