And You Thought The People Of Walmart Were Bad……

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walmartiansI have always loved the People of Walmart videos.  I guess you see all sorts of people where ever you go, but for some reason Walmart attracts the best of the best.  I was downtown San Diego today, at Horton Plaza and saw some  very interesting characters, but nothing compares to Walmart or what you are about to see below.    We will have a caption above each photo for you and would like to change them to make them funnier.  Post comments below or email me .  I am thinking some of the photos may have been taken in a Walmart parking lot.  TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

Just so there is no confusion “Wifey” is airbrushed right on your ass.

Can I vote all of them off the island?

This would be less creepy if a veil was involved…

Couldn’t he find flip flops to match?

And they said Elvis was dead

Silver tube top wedding dress minus 4 teeth = Queen for a day

Alice in Pimpland?

Jerome’s grand idea. Professing his eternal love for Tamika by stabbing a life size cake replica of her.

I guess eating the Chalupas the night before the wedding was a bad idea.

The moment you realize your mother in law is moving into town.

I now pronounce you Jedi and Paduan

Keg stands, not just for Frat Parties.

Sadly, the Elvis Preacher is the least disturbing part of the picture

He told his buddies he’d get under her dress eventually. Little did he know: 1. he’d have to marry her 2. It would be literally 3. It would be the first and last time. ~Turf

Who needs a limo. We’ve got a whole damned front end loader just for us!

Gravity 101, pay attention kids.

Was he liberated or captured?

John is a badass motha fucka

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