Anatomy of the Montezuma Monster

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The biggest game of the season is here and the Montezuma Monster is bringing the momentum to a level of madness. Men’s College basketball is heating up and the game breakers are beginning to separate themselves from the pack.  

       For the first time in a long time San Diego can enjoy the moment at hand. For the first time in SDSU’s basketball history, we can be confident that we will make the NCAA Championship Tournament. The Monster wants to over eat. San Diegan’s and especially The Show want to the Aztecs to make a deep run. With our record thus far as proof, we have a legitimate reason to believe we can.  Watch video and keep reading.

             The Anatomy of the Montezuma Monster looks like this: It’s brain is DJ Gay, a senior that is cunning and determined. It’s hands are Kawhi Leonard, the dude could man-handle Hulk Hogan. It’s arms are Malcolm Thomas, the guy averages at least two blocks a game plus his right arm has a tattoo of the San Diego skyline (in picture). It’s legs are Billy White, the senior is tracking down unsuspecting point guards and swatting their lay-ups off the back board. It’s eyes are James Rahon, the junior sets up behind the arc and is money. It’s gut is Brian Carlwell, he has the biggest gut on the team plus he uses it to out-muscle the haters underneath the rim. It’s feet are Chase Tapley, the player is nails on defense and knows how to be at the right place at the right time. It’s mouth is Tim Shelton, who wrote their official theme song called “Game Time Ready.” (can be found on youtube) Last but not least The Montezuma Monster’s balls are THE SHOW, without a ravenous student section like we have here in San Diego the west coast would have nothing to be proud of this year.
            At the New Mexico game last Wednesday, The Show was on fire. The game was not easy but the prestigious Coach Fisher followed his game plan and earned SDSU it’s 26th win of the season. The crowd was like lightning striking down insults, jeers, and distractions. The Show was in fact just that…The Show. There is nothing like the moment of hesitation in the crowd before the Aztecs drain a three. As the ball sails through the air and then the hoop, the entire Viejas arena pumps their fists and the overwhelming Aztec’s momentum sinks a little deeper into the visitor’s mindset. For how packed Viejas can get, when an Aztec is at the free-throw line the place is dead silent…if one person yells everyone hears it. The free throw silence is truly a odd spectacle. Towards the end of the game when the victory over New Mexico was well in hand, The Show began chanting “We Want Jimmer, We Want Jimmer.” Jimmer Ferdette is the Montezuma Monster’s arch enemy and the figurative mountain that the San Diego Sport’s community needs to conquer in order to gain some national respect in the national sports media.
          The Show has been in line since Tuesday and are more than ready. The players have been playing basketball their entire lives and will be throwing down for first place on national television. Coach Fisher and his staff are always ready. Monty Montezuma has the conch shell to his lips and is about to sound the Aztec’s war cry.
We will see if Viejas hires enough security because it will be a madhouse for the Montezuma Monster.

By Tony Fantano

PS: Listen in the background for “we want Jimmer”

John is a badass motha fucka

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