Am I The Only One Asking This Question?

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It has been a top story for 2 months now.  These miners were trapped hundreds of feet below, in a mine and this is being called  one of the the top 10 rescues of all time.  I am claustrophobic and if I was stuck down there for a minute,  I would have lost it.  When I am in an elevator, going 3 flights up and it takes more than 5 seconds, I start to sweat. So, I am not sure how these guys did it.  That’s not my question, though.  The question I am asking is, how the hell do these guys all look so good after being trapped in a mine for 69 days? Do they have salons down there?  A tanning bed, an exercise room?  I see this one guy getting rescued on TV yesterday; they get out of the rescue compartment and he looks like he just had his hair cut, a fresh shave and a facial.  I look worse than these guys after a long weekend with the kids.   Is it in their blood?  They are in the dark for 69 days and they are still tanner than my brother.   WTF?  I wasn’t wishing any harm on them and am glad everyone is safe and healthy, but they look like they just came off a 3 week cruise in the Bahamas.  Check these guys out and check the guy in the top of the post.  Does he look like he just spent 69 days in a tunnel underground?  He looks like the lead singer of a band.   I wish my ancestors were from Chile. I need some of that in my blood. TMTMTL@RollSD.com


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