A Show You Don’t Want To Miss Wayward Sons Belly Up Tavern

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I am sure everyone has seen the movie the perfect storm.  Well tomorrow night San Diego is getting it’s version of the perfect storm but in the form of a Rock and Roll Show. The Belly Up is going to have smoke shooting from the roof when Wayward Sons takes the stage and I expect to see a ton of panties and bras being thrown on the stage.  Buy your tickets nowand get there  early to get your glow on. RollinSD will be there early talking to the band and trying to steel a little bit of their mojo so we may have a little luck with the ladies..    If you missed the first part of their interview last week here it is  Wayward Sons Interview.  Now read below for the second part and get your ass to Solana Beach tomorrow night.  Give me a shout out when you are there. TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

RollinSD: If I were a fly on a window in your car what would I hear you listing to? I am guessing 70’s and 80’s.  Do you always wear your headband?  Easy answer….Carly Simon! And yes, if by head and band you mean…….Oh sorry, that was for our Penthouse interview…

RollinSD: Who do you think Carly Simon wrote ‘You’re so Vain’ about?  People always say it was about Warren Beatty or David Crosby….fuck, no way! It was about Hugh Jass, our lead singer.   Hugh used to be WAY more vain than he is today…in the late 60’s – early 70’s… forget it, he had mirrors (and still does) on the ceilings, walls, shower, etc…literally everywhere!

 RollinSD: In getting to know you and the passion you have for being a musician I can’t see you just sitting still and keeping the show as-is.  What do you have up your sleeve?  What new bands are you looking to add to your show? We typically play shirtless….so there is nothing up our sleeves… If you want to discuss “down our pants,” then let’s change to that subject!”

 RollinSD: When playing, what is your goal?  What do you want to give the crowd/audience? A) Give the best show ever & B) Goal – To get at least one lady partially naked!!

 RollinSD: How do you prepare the day of the show?  Show starts at 9 pm what time do you arrive and take us through your day. 8:59, roll out of bed, gargle with Evan Williams…9:02, whistle for Jeeves…9:15 politely give the girls tissues to clean themselves up…9:30 arrive at venue to ROCK THE ROOF OFF! Then rinse, lather and repeat.

RollinSD: How does your bass player, Moe Lato, get his ass in such amazing condition that he so proudly flaunts on stage?!Easy…He holds a brick in his hands and performs 100 squats a day, fully nude, while receiving oral copulation preferably from someone other than his wife.

 RollinSD:I heard that a standard Wayward Sons pre-show ritual is adding Ben Gay to “certain” body parts….is this true? If so, does it increase circulation in those “certain” areas?Yes…In fact it burns at first, but then is quite pleasurable, kind of like shagging a girl with Chlamydia…you know?!

RollinSD:Is it true that your keyboard player, Rik Durscale, was once a former masseur to the royal family of Sweden and glockenspiel player for ABBA? Yes, unfortunately he lost both jobs after an unfortunate incident with the Queen of Sweden. We are unable to provide any more info due to legal reasons.

RollinSD: I read somewhere that Isaac White, the drummer, is father to 7 children?Correct, Isaac, a religious Jew by upbringing, has an art for getting women pregnant and takes great pride in keeping with his ancestral heritage of procreation. However, he has since been disavowed by the Jewish religious sect, as each of these seven children have different mothers.

RollinSD: Is it true that your bass player, Moe Lato, was Playgirl’s Man of the Year for 1974?Yes and he had a very successful career in the adult film industry afterwards. Unfortunately, especially for the die-hard Wayward Sons fans out there, most of the films are now out of circulation. We have heard though, there are still a few floating around out there on beta, including a film in which he and John Holmes take on 10…uh, I should stop. Let’s just say this movie, “Summer Heat: Moe and John Visit Manila”, is one of the most “interesting” adult films ever…


John is a badass motha fucka

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