A Real Woman

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In 2009, Glamour magazine published a photo of a topless woman sitting comfortably with a confident smile across her face.  Nothing too out of the ordinary except for the fact that she is a 5’11”, 180 lb plus-size model and that the undoctored photo also revealed her belly “pooch” and stretch marks.  People made a really big deal out of it and lots of women wrote into Glamour praising them for finally showing off someone with average body measurements and typical flaws.  It makes me wonder what men think when they see this photo because I firmly believe that women put way more pressure on one another to look unattainably perfect than the pressure women get from men to look sexy. Thanks to the media (and to pornography), we’ve lost sight of the fact that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  How much do stretch marks, cellulite and soft bodies really bother you guys when it comes right down to it?  All things being equal, I know most men would choose a Rollin Hottie over an average or even a chubby girl, but that isn’t always the case.   So, what’s your opinion?  Keep on Photoshoppin’ or show the real deal?   ~AZ’s Finest

John is a badass motha fucka

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