A Charitable Appeal: PLEASE Help the Needy this Holiday Season…

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I was starting to worry about the  NBA players with Christmas getting so close and them having to have gone without a paycheck for so long.  Spending hours each night hoping they were able to save some money from their limited salaries over the past few years and make is through such tough times.  Then I hear the NBA lockout is over and we have basketball again. I first had to think NBA Basketball?  Were they supposed to be playing right now? I thought NBA basketball was only important during the play offs.   I heard a talk show host on the radio today saying he can’t believe how much college basketball has blown up so far the season.  I won’t mention his name, but NO SHIT HACKSAW.  There is no NBA season and the College game is the only thing to watch. I go to a bar and they only have Coors Light on tap because all the other kegs were out. I would sit there and drink it because I like beer but I wouldn’t be happy though.  But as I sit there I start to like Coors Light more and more and think to myself I should have given Coors Light a chance years ago.  I will admit that this has been great for college hoops and has let casual fans really appreciate the College game and how the kids give 100% each and every night.   So now I can sleep at night  knowing the lock out is over and not worrying about if the NBA players were able to make it though such tough economical times.   My boy from Toronto sent me this video and it really helps put things in perspective. Enjoy  ~TMTMTL@RollinSD.com

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