Pig Ben and the Spiraling Steelers

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Now before I start I want it noted that I am a white man. I am very white. Pale almost depending on how long I’m in the sun. Now that’s out of the way racism needs to be discussed. Sorry but I’m going to say what no one else wants to say. It exists and it may be worst in professional sports. We’ll start with the Steelers.

First off Pig Ben rapes a girl in Georgia, his 2nd in three years. He does this and not only has there been little but no coverage of it, they are playing it like he is a saint. The guy is not what he is described as. And yet this guy is still out of jail and with no punishment by the NFL. Now, Santonio Holmes on the other hand, Cromartie’s someone in the club and shockingly gets sent to the Jets (Side note: kind of funny how these so called bad guys get sent to the Jets, even though they will be the AFC representative to the Super Bowl). Now, before this Roethlisberger bullshit, when has Holmes ever been a so called “troubled wide receiver”? The answer is never. Now they are bringing up this shit about his marijuana “citation” in 2008 like it’s a big deal. He didn’t get fined, he didn’t get suspended so what’s the big deal? Who hasn’t smoked weed? The Steelers used to be the franchise that was against stupid shit. They were the upstanding organization that would take care of the wrongs, but now they are they stupid fucking team that traded a Super Bowl MVP for a 5th round pick and kept a sluggish QB who takes too many sacks. Now before you comment on how great Roethlisberger is think about this, how many games have you seen him play? 1 maybe 2 and those were probably the Super Bowls. Now in those games did he really play that well or did the commentators just do that good of a job of sucking him off very Favreian? I know the answer and you do too, Roethlisberger is supposed to be the new Favre. He’s supposed to be tough, he’s supposed to be a winner and he’s supposed to be that guy that just wins at all cost. Too bad he’s a fucking fraud.

Roethlisberger is the worst kind of athlete. He is the kind that lulls you too comfort with his swagger and confidence, but unfortunately it is both misguided. The dude is neither. He’s fine when he sits back there with a three man rush and can wait for someone to get open, but under pressure he folds against anyone (ask Browns fans last year).  I guess the biggest problem isn’t the racism but maybe it’s the fact that there are people like Ben Roethlisberger who will always be assumed as the good guy and then there are people like Santonio Holmes who will always be assumed as the bad guy. But that is racism, and until we as a people change it, we as a sporting community will not assume our “white” heroes are bad.

And PS Steelers, you traded the wrong athlete, Big Ben is not your answer to more Super Bowl glory. Yes he is a serviceable QB who has done well in the regular season, but look up his post season stats, ATROCIOUS, or for you dumb fucks really, really bad. The defense is your calling card and don’t forget it. Trade Santonio fine, but don’t be a cop out and fucking say it was because he was a bad human being, because then get rid of your “star”.  TheTruth@RollinSD.com

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