2010 Great American Beer Fest

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The 2010 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) remains the largest commercial beer competition in the world, with 3,529 beers competing in 79 categories; 151 judges from 10 countries sipped and scored the ales and lagers.

Award-winning brewers received prestigious gold, silver and bronze medals in 79 beer categories covering 133 beer styles, establishing the best examples of each style in the U.S.

Our local San Diego breweries deserve a large congratulations on the awards that were won during the week long event.

Please let me congratulate the following breweries on the following awards!!!  And you too can by going in and trying their beers.

 2010 Brewery and Brewer of the Year Awards

Large Brewpub and Large Brewpub Brewer of the Year
Pizza Port Brew Guys
Pizza Port Carlsbad

Category Name of Beer Brewery Medal
Traditionally Brewed Beer Fathom IPL Ballast Point Brewing Co. Gold
Irish-Style Red Ale Red Trolley Ale Karl Strauss Brewing Co. Gold
English-Style India Pale Ale Beech Street Bitter Pizza Port Carlsbad Gold
Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale Revelations Pizza Port Carlsbad Gold
Scotch Ale Reed’s Wee Heavy Pizza Port Carlsbad Gold
Coffee Flavored Beer Coffee Monster Pizza Port Carlsbad Silver
English-Style Brown Ale Good Grief Brown Pizza Port Carlsbad Silver
Imperial Stout Night Rider Imperial Stout Pizza Port Carlsbad Silver
Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout Port Truck Stout Pizza Port Carlsbad Bronze
English-Style Mild Ale Skidmark Brown Pizza Port Ocean Beach Silver
Other Strong Beer Panzer Pilsner Port Brewing Co. Silver
Traditionally Brewed Beer Hot Rocks Lager Port Brewing Co. Bronze
Robust Porter Moonlight Porter Rock Bottom La Jolla Silver
Irish Red Ales Ragtop Red Rock Bottom La Jolla Bronze
Herb and Spice or Chocolate Beer Stone Smoked Porter with Chipotle Stone Brewing Co. Silver
American-Style India Black Ale Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale Stone Brewing Co. Bronze
American-Style Sour Ale Red Poppy The Lost Abbey Bronze

If you have not tried any of these beers they are all outstanding, so find some and get to drinking. Also, if you happen to be in any of these breweries give them a shout out for their wins.

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