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Lady Loose Lips is back and I’m pissed off.   I recently heard a report of a former Miss Something or Other that was “molested” by a female TSA agent.  This woman was so distraught by her so called attack, but she had enough sense to turn on her flip camera to record the details after her horrific experience. I am so tired of hearing people complain about being “violated” by the TSA while traveling.  Here’s what I have to say to those people; SHUT THE HELL UP.  I for one would rather be felt up than blown up.  And, if you’re really that sensitive about it – take a train, or a bus, or hell… walk for all I care. Just get the hell out of my way.  Maybe if you stopped traveling by air, that would make fewer lines, and I wouldn’t have to get to the airport two hours before my 45 minute flight to Vegas.  Hell, at that rate, I could DRIVE to Vegas faster.    Either way, why complain?  It’s the state of things right now, and why not have fun with it?  I’ve been begging to go into one of those x-ray machines, or to be pulled aside by secondary, but I’ve not been that lucky.  I’d walk out of there with a smile if I did, and so would the agents, I’m sure.  More people need to just go with the flow, and stop being such pains in the asses.  So for those of you traveling in the near future, why not give those TSA agents something to talk about.  Maybe you can end up on next year’s calendar.  Just don’t get yourself arrested. ~LLL

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